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Roleplaying Buddies Wanted!

[Experienced RPers ONLY, please!]

[NOTE:  MY KEYBOARD IS MESSED UP!  It will NOT type I, and O.]
Read 'LITERACY: EXAMPLES 1, 2, and 3' to see how I RP with, and without Keyboard Gibberish.

>Canon Characters I have experience RPing with:
X Unfortunately none.  But, I WILL put effort into the characters you want me to play.

>Characters I Ship with my own RPCs:
X Tesni x *Alucard. 
[SPOILERS: Most male characters /die/, or become Ghouls in Hellsing Ultimate.]
[** I DO NOT expect you to make Canon Characters out of character for my RPCs.  In fact, I'd prefer them to be as in-character as possible.]
[** No relationship /ever/ extends to sexual relations!  So stifle your flames, and untwist them panties!]

>Greetings. First off what is your DA username?
X TheParadoxTheory
x Ask for my Skype, if interested.

>Do you draw the characters you roleplay?
X Yes, of course! Also willing to discuss them in length, if needed!
x EXAMPLE 1:… <- Creepypasta RPC (To show I put effort in RPCs)
x EXAMPLE 2:… <- Hellsing RPC

>What type of role plays are you most inclined to join?
X Paragraph; story-format; fandom-based RPs over Skype!
x See LITERACY for Examples!

>Godmodeling is ____?
X Terrible. Please, don't do it. [I only have one character that Godmods.]
x I'm terrible at combat-based RP scenes, so I'll tend to skim over them.

> My character’s personalities come from ____?
X Depends. Solely what RP-Type we're doing.

> Are your characters based off of fandoms?
X Yes. I have characters based off of fandoms.
x Ask what fandoms over Skype. [I'll explain my RPC, in detail, and show pictures.]

>Literacy is ____.
X Very important to me while RPing. I /like/ to be creative!
   x EXAMPLE 1: <- Keyboard is messed up.  [I, and O are missing.]
   x EXAMPLE 2: <- Written /before/ my keyboard messed up.

> Where do you role play most?
X Skype; instant messenger.

> Vampire-type characters are _____.
X Cliched, and overdone to death. Please, no Vampires unless Hellsing Ultimate inspred.

> Character relationships make you think _____.
X Feels; if done correctly. I'll RP Canon X RPC quite often.
x I'm not /very/ good at RPing Canon Characters. But, I /will/ try, at least!

>What I will RP:
X Canon X RPC; I'll RP Canon Characters for your RPC, ONLY if you RP Canon Characters for my RPC.
[Including, but not limited to: Fandom RPCs, Self-RPCs, and Original RPCs.]
X Lengthy story-based RPs, for extended periods. [RPs never feel complete unless they have a beginning, middle, and end.]

>What I will /not/ RP:
X Erotica.  [Occasional perverted scenes, like: panty-shots, and awkward boob-hugs, are /fine/, though.]
   x My personal rule.  Considering most RPers are ether mentally-immature, or under legal age.
x This also extends to underage RPCs.  If they aren't legal age, don't make them put-out. 
X Terribly executed Canon X RPC RPs. (Mary-Sue/ Gary-Stu heavy.)  [I'll say something; and offer critique to help you.]
   x I wll never rush relationship-based RPs; especially on command!

>What I would like you to do:
X Warn me about:  Personal Triggers, Phobias, and other serous health issues if RPing it bothers you.
X Don't leave me hanging (in the middle of RPing): Tell me if you're busy; distracted; not motivated to RP, or away.
   x If you can't right then; apologize accordingly later on.
X Warn me if you're gonna be offline for extended periods, please. 
X Tell me abut your characters, show me pictures of them. 

 I think that about does it?



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