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Brittney Nicole, or Derpy
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am an avid Paragraph Roleplayer. Note me, or ask for my Skype!! ~ </333
Current things I'm interested in: Consult my DeviantART Gallery, or ask me.

Featured Artwork:
Bellus, 'I MEGALOVANIA'D THAT BITCH!' by TheParadoxTheory
I'm formerly SenaEbil, hyperfruitdango, KrueL13, 6ANGELINA9, and tenshi-no-ryou on DeviantART.

I went by Puff, Dark Destruction Mage, Taters, and Tenshi No Ryou on various Oekaki Boards. (R.I.P Oekaki)

On IMVU I go by Beansntatters, and Chibukins. On Tinierme I went by TheDerpEffect, & Hyperfruitdango.

On Kiddonet, I went by Brittneynicholew. (I mostly drew on that Graffiti Art thing, before I used oekaki.)

Here's some nicknames I've been called over the years: Derpy, and Pajama Mama.

I went by TourturedAngelicGirlTenshi in Yahoo Instant Messenger.

I also used America Online Instant Messenger, too. But, I don't remember my screenname.

^ Keep in mind, this is for former Watchers, and Friends. I'm feeling nostalgic!
Gulaan - Gulaan are a Hermaphrodite species of my own creation. With their name derived from the word, 'Gula', or 'Glutton'. They have existed for millions of years, and thru inter-species mating, have gained a smaller, human-like shape. The first documented pregnancy of Gulaan/ Human relations were between Sybil Sylvio-Argall, a young Frenchwoman escaping an arranged marriage in the early 1800s, and Dylan Abel Argall, a previously unnamed, surviving Gulaan of a fifth generation, a Gulaan 'King', if you will, begotting Rhys, and shortly after Tesni Argall. Thru a series of unfortunate events, Rhys begots Gulaan Children with Nicole Chandler, and Benedicte Sylvio. Leading to the creation of Florent-Benoit Narcisse D'Lorme, and Giselle 'Golden' D'Lorme. Goldie then begot over 99 unnamed Gulaan/ Monster Children, with Nicole Chandler being the only surviving child, child number 100. While Florent begot but a single child from an extracted Marina's DNA, whom Nicole Chandler promptly named, Sylvain, derived from Benedicte's Surrname. Sylvain begots no known Gulaan-Children. While a final, Gulaan-Child is discovered, affectionately named Lafayette, whom belongs to Benedicte Sylvio, and Rhys Argall, respectfully. Lafayette is raised by Idanu Dietrich after Rhys' passing in 2015, and Benedicte succumbing to insanity. Lafayette than becomes friends with Bellus Dietrich, a Transgender-Female Ice-Demon with dreams of achieving his dream female body. Lafayette is unable to carry full-term, and miscarries several potential children with a Trans-Woman named Scarlet.

Gulaan Reproductive Organs - Located inside of the tongue, and bellybutton, the reproductive organs of a Gulaan are unique. The tongue is the genetic 'penis' of Gulaan, while the bellybutton is the genetic 'vagina'. Gulaan can mate in several different ways, such as interlocking their tongues to the inside of the bellybutton for a double-pregnancy. In the wild, Gulaan have very high, almost overactive libido due to being near extinction. At the turn of the early 19th Century, they struggle to survive due to the emergence of technology, and chemicals polluting the waters where they live. And by the mid-21st Century, they, unfortunately die out from imbreeding, and poor conditions of the world.

Where are Gulaan Located: Inside of the Bermuda Triangle, and within Mariana's Trench - locations hand-picked by The Doctor, and Nicole Chandler for the preservation of the Gulaan Species. The ones located in The Bermuda Triangle are fathered by Dylan Abel Argall, while the ones in Mariana's Trench are fathered by Rhys Argall - respectfully with female-like Gulaan named Bea, and Marina - mother, and daughter. Bea carries over 50 fully-developed, yet small Gulaan Children, whom swim, and travel to the Coasts of Asia, and the United Kingdom. While Marina acts as a mother-figure to the over 50 Gulaan Children Rhys carries.

List of Known Gulaan:
Dylan Abel Argall + Sybil Sylvio > Rhys Argall
Sybil Sylvio + Nameless Fisherman > Tesni Argall
Tesni Argall + Dominique D'Lorme + Nicole Chandler > Charlie Lee-Ray
Benedicte Sylvio + Rhys Argall > Lafayette
Rhys Argall + Nicole Chandler > Florent-Benoit Narcisse D'Lorme, and Golden-Louise 'Goldie' Price.
Florent-Benoit + Marina + Nicole Chandler > Sylvain
Lafayette + Scarlet > No known children produced, due to his declining health (**Miscarried children will be listed separately)
Sylvain + ??? > No known children produced, due to his mental state.
Charlie Lee-Ray + ??? > No known children produced, due to his physical age.

Miscarried Children of Lafayette, and Scarlet:
x Peter Kay Jr. - Remnant, Ghost, Zombie; lives in a Parallel Universe where he develops an interest in Professional Freerunning with his friends; Develops powers called Ghosting that he shares with Nicole Chandler. Nicole develops Ghosting powers while in The Dreamscape; The Interscape; Multiverse; and Alternate Universe, and uses them to fix everything in the comic series 'GodAwful'.
x Daniel Thatcher - Remnant; Lives in The Interscape as a normal, everyday College Student with the body of a fourteen year old teenager. Has violent tendencies.
x Thomas Strayer - Ghost, and Demon; Lives in the 1970s in the Multiverse, later commits suicide over loosing the woman he loves. Later becomes a Demon King with Nicole Chandler as his unwed Queen, after the fall of The Dietrich Family.

The Dietrich Family:
Calix Dietrich - A Prince of a high-class Noble Family in 17th Century Germany. Wed to Abelia, a woman catering a flower-shop, whom another man had fancied. The two become pregnant the Winter of that same year; much to the horror of Calix's father, whom casts the young man out into the blistering cold, after sending his pregnant wife to be dealt with, personally.
Idanu Dietrich - An Abortionist, Mortician, and Groundskeeper to a Graveyard; finds the impregnated Abelia in the snow, cares for her, and also impregnates her out of revenge towards Calix. Calix arrives, and is begotten an Intersexual Child, Bellus, half a year later, much to his absolute horror, an disgust of Calix!
Abelia - After the birth of her son/ daughter, Bellus, she finds a cottage in the mountains, and raises the child on her own, with the help of Idanu, and Calix.
Akane - A Japanese foreigner that was sold overseas, and traveled to Germany with a band of Gypsies. A known practicianer of Magick, and Witchcraft, curses the family to be culled, and turn into demons - because she had fancied Calix, and was jealous of Abelia.
Bellus Dietrich - Grew-up an Intersexual, was often ostracized for his condition, and called a 'Monstrosity' by the villagers. But, yet, with his mother's help, he found an interest in gardening, and caring for the small animals that lived within it. Particularly this little garden snake, that he named 'Wasabi', after meeting Akane, and giving her herbs he found. The child unknowingly brought Akane's curse upon his friends, and family. His family being poisoned, and dying all around him. While he was left all alone in the village, until being discovered by Bellum.
Bellum Dietrich - A homeless child that had conned, stole, and killed families to survive. He had fallen head over heels for Bellus, thinking of Bellus as female, and helped kill people over her. Later to be the bastard child of Akane from a rape by a crazed Idanu. The children die together when they are unable to travel down the mountains to the village below. Bellus freezes to death, and dies of pneumonia, while Bellum burns alive in a fire caused by bandits he had tricked!

The Bandits:
THe Bandits that killed the children were actually religious fanatics. Naming themselves after Biblical Figures, and claiming to be doing God's work by helping Akane poison the water supply to the village, and getting sex in return! The bandits die of disease from Akane, and become slaves to The Dietrich Family in the Afterlife.
Named Mary, Adam, Eve, Abel, Cain, Isaac, and Judas, respectfully. In the Afterlife, they carry no resemblance to their human forms, and develop powers based around their original trades before becoming Bandits.

The Dietrich Family Curse:
Due to her jealousy over Calix, and Abelia being together; she had damned their friends, and family to die. Poisoning their water supply, filling their food with disease, and destroying any mode of transport from the remote mountain village to the village below. There was only one, soul-survivor of that horrific incident, Dominique D'Lorme, a French Priest that had given himself to God to fight the wrong that had been committed upon the village. Dominique was given eternal life, begot with suffering due to his megalomania. He was given transport to the village below, but had succumbed to sickness, and developed Vampirism as a result.

Dominique D'Lorme And The Start of Vampirism in GodAwful (WARNING, TANGENT RAMBLES AHEAD!!):
Vampirism wasn't able to be combated against by the time he was sickened with it. Deported back to France, he had been placed in an Asylum, and monitored by doctors for nearly 50 years. At the turn of the century, he had bitten, infected, and turned everyone inside of the Asylum to do his bidding. He had found his way out, when he had met the eyes of Angelica Simms, a woman infected with Hysteria, whom he openly pleasured, and seduced into producing him a son! Dominic Simms was born, and bound to be deformed by the contaminates inside of the asylum! Angelica Simms was left inside of the asylum to die, while Dominique D'Lorme had fled the area, and later died from his age. Dominic was later found, upon discovering the name of his bastard father, and taken abroad. Where he was forced to work on a cotton plantation, sewing mill, and furniture crafting epicenter. He later found an injured dove in a pile of clovers, and he affectionately named the dove Clover. He nursed her back to health. He then set out to survive on his own. The young Dominique practiced magic, and puppetry. Getting better, and more skilled thru trial, and error. He then won the attention of two, mischievous sisters, Sybil, and Maria - whom he adored - they later took him in to perform magic for them, and their family. He then tried performing magic to get one of the sisters to love him, upon realizing they were betrothed to two brothers, Alphonse, and Edward(?) - he failed in casting the spell, and it backfired on him later when he arrived at the doorstep of Maria Sylvio, whom was married to Alphonse, and had a baby together, Benedicte Sylvio. Dominique grown to love the infant child, due to his backfired love-spell, and later asked to babysit, and tutor the child while Maria, and Alphonse were away on business. Leading to the mistreatment of the child, even before he could remember. The child was later reunited with his cousins, Tesni, and Rhys Argall - whom were also abused by the crazed magician!

Nicole Chandler than came to the scene, and cared for the children after beating the magician half-to-death for molesting, exploiting, and manipulating the children.

The boys were placed into a Military Academy, and bullied by Frédéric D'Lorme, and his gang. Frederic was then discovered to be Dominique D'Lorme Sr.'s son by Nicole Chandler. Whom was later attacked in the boys' bathroom, along with Rhys, for telling the news to the boy. Benedicte then sliced, and killed Frederic's gang with his scalpel, and pocket-knife. For killing his friends, Frederic had promised revenge against the aspiring Doctor, and swore to take everything from him! Frederic than later showed up at Benedicte's family estate during a meeting of physicians. Frederic then attempted to bite, and turn Nicole into a Vampire - only for Benedicte to be bitten instead! Alphonse, and Maria had watched their son become sicker, and sicker! They locked him away in his bed-chambers, and didn't know how to help him due to their lack of involvement in his life! Nicole then asked to help, and monitored Benedicte for nearly six months. Writing down all of his symptoms, and discovering him to be stricken with Vampirism. She then helped him eat, and drink by slicing into her palms, and wrists, and giving him bits of her blood.

Benedicte then gave Nicole the best present of all, slicing her out of her puppet-body, and revealing her changed shape underneath! Upon him getting better, he had summoned his family from all around, and announced that he wasn't going into the military - he was becoming a doctor. Not only that, but he publically announced he was going to marry Nicole. Even if, secretly, he was questioning his sexual orientation for his cousin, Rhys, at the time. Nicole was thrilled with the announcement, but swore that she wouldn't breathe a word of their sexual relation to Benedicte's father, and Rhys' uncle, Alphonse. Alphonse had overheard the rumors floating around, and thought it high-time for Nicole to leave. So, with the encouragement of his wife, he had pressed for Dominique, and Nicole to marry while Benedicte, and Rhys went off to war. During which time, Nicole had been forced into unsavory sexual situations with her new husband, watch as her two children were treated the same way - and horrified when she caught word of Benedicte being shot nearly half-to-death by Rhys! She escaped Dominique's clutches, with her children, and rushed back to France to care for Benedicte once again! She dumped her emotional experiences onto Benedicte, and vowed that she would love him! She would promise to ALWAYS love him! If he would just let her be near him! She then wondered what happened to Rhys, and why things got bad between them! Benedicte hadn't remembered the fact that he tricked Rhys into believing Tesni was still alive, and writing to him during times of war. He dumped all of his feelings into each letter, and wanted to confess it to Rhys, personally. But, Frederic had intercepted the letter, and changed the meeting location to the medical tents, instead. Where Rhys discovered Benedicte writing a letter in Tesni's handwriting, and in a fit of PTSD, and madness - he had unloaded an array of bullets upon his cousin, intending to kill him dead!

Rhys then later exploited Benedicte's Vampirism, and tried revealing him to the council of physicians at a town meeting - only for Benedicte to get scared, and flee the scene - returning back to his home, and setting it ablaze! Indirectly killing his family in the inferno, and sparing only Nicole, and Rhys. Rhys, and Benedicte than had a falling out. And thru a series of rather unfortunate events, Florent, and Goldie ended up back in Dominique's care; while Nicole, and Benedicte, for a little while, at least - were officially a couple, and living peacefully in the woods of Northern St. Augustine, Louisiana, in a tiny cottage. That is, until NIcole's sleep-walking episodes happened, and she ended up getting herself terribly lost. Benedicte went out to find her, only to find his cousin, Rhys, had been pursuing a young Native American woman, Brandy Goode, at the time. Benedicte intercepted Rhys, and took him, and Brandy back to the cottage to care for them. Brandy awoke, but soon succumb to her fears, and escaped the cottage - by running away, and falling into a vat of chemicals! An insane Rhys, and mentally unstable Benedicte than had sexual relations for several weeks, leading up to their separation, and capture - Benedicte being entombed in a wine barrel, and Rhys forced to drown to death in chemicals! For the next eighty years, Benedicte was left alone with his memories, underneath a dripping spot in the catacombs - which kept him awake, and angry!

Nicole than later found the barrel with four friends during a celebration on her birthday - and busted it open - only for Benedicte to escape, and SLAUGHTER her friends mercilessly from a combination of no sleep, starvation, and insanity! He had then set his sights on Nicole, pursuing her clear up, and down the catacombs - until she scrambled up the staircase, and busted open a wall to escape! Benedicte pulls her back, and is stunned by the light, and the color of her eyes! Although he is hungry, he cannot bring himself to eat her! He then snaps from his insanity for the moment, and greets her! Sending the poor, terrified woman down the hallway with waltzing to cure her dizziness, and shaking - thinking it were just as simple! Nicole than observes the Vampire is burning in the sunlight, and quickly covers him with a tarp - before ushering him outside! Where Benedicte is bombarded with frightening sights of contemporary life! Shaking, and afraid, he whimpers that he wants to go to the ocean, he knows his cousin is waiting for him there... She reluctantly takes him to the sea-shore, and walks with him, showing him her home, an old vintage fishing ship, turned into a post-modern houseboat! Benedicte's eyes than catch the sight of a rock just towards the cliffside. He asks about going over to it, and she takes him over. He finds the rock is a gravestone. He looks at the name, date of birth, and death date -- before bursting into tears! Sobbing all the while that his cousin is dead, and that he's sorry! He sits out there for several hours, while Nicole's mother, Goldie comes home with a tiny cake, and some wine for her 21st birthday! However, Goldie yells at Nicole for the messy conditions of the house, and beats her for the flatscreen tv being punched clear thru! Benedicte overhears this, and goes in to correct the problem immediately! Using his old, vintage mindset, he stops Goldie's violent outbursts with scolding, and a glare!
He than sends Goldie on her way, and scoops up the destroyed cake, and cleans up the wine, and broken glass! He than crafts her a new cake using ingredients he finds around the house. Getting her some juice, and even cutting her a slice to eat-- Before-- She has a meltdown! She cries about her friends being slaughtered, and missing her birthday! Benedicte doesn't understand, when she accuses him of doing such ghastly things! Still attempting to put on the festivities for her, and make her smile - he sets up a table outside, and sets it properly. He encourages her to dress properly, out of her dirty, soiled clothing, and join him! The two eventually have cake together, before the little party is halted by two unwanted guests, Bellum, and Cain coming up from the ocean's depths from a whirlpool.

Bellum, soaking wet from the events, undresses, and wrings out his clothing! Much to the disapproval of Benedicte! Whom goes, and scolds the small statured Demon Prince about his indecent exposure in front of an unwed maiden! Bellum scoffs, and insults Nicole's appearance, saying how she looks older than his mother! Which earns the disapproval of Benedicte with a quick backhanded slap across the cheek! Nicole, and Cain intercept each other's assaults, and scold the two of them, before separating them! Cain than demands Nicole do something useful, and tailor his young master's clothes. She proclaims she doesn't have time for that, and exclaims the 'Short-Stack' can wear her clothes, instead! Enraged by the insult, Bellum commands Cain to kill the both of them! And that he is the rightful heir to the throne of Germany! Nicole barks back that Germany HAS no King, and that he's stupid for not realizing that! Cain than battles Benedicte, and nearly kills him! Had it not been for Nicole butchering Benedicte's hair, and clothes with a pair of scissors! Reducing the Vampire to shirtlessness, and freedom when she cuts the string-familiars Cain possesses!

With the battle over, in a draw, Bellum proclaims he's bored of it, and starts eating the cake! Unsatisfied with it's sweet flavor, he discards the disgusting cake into the sand, and barks orders for Cain to make him something else! But, Cain is doubled over in crippling pain! Bellum exclaims it's the Vampire's fault! Or even the stupid little 'Marshmallow'! Cain's mouth opens up wide, and Bellus wriggles his way out from the depths of Cain's stomach! Huffing, and exhausted! Bellus lays on the ground, covered in saliva, and burned with stomach acids! Bellum skitters around the table, and checks his long-lost brother's pulse! Commanding Benedicte, Nicole, and Cain to get the ice-bath ready! Or his brother is going to die!! While Nicole gets the washtub from her bedroom, and fills it with water, Benedicte follows her, and wonders why she helped him, if she thinks he's a monster. She replies that she doesn't know, and that she didn't want to see him get shredded to death by Cain's strings! He once again asks her why, and she finally answers him, "There's something genuine about you," And how he reacts to everything. In fact, she explains she liked how he punched the flatscreen tv clear thru, and recoiled from the microwave beeping! She wonders why he acts so strangely, despite everything. He retorts with he was doing no such thing, and pouts about her keeping a wash-tub despite the new, fancy technology. She laughs, and explains to him that it's 2011, and times have changed. He is in a state of absolute shock, as the rest of them help Bellus into the ice-tub mixture.

As Bellus is regaining his composure in the ice-tub, he consoles his distressed older brother, and apologizes. Bellum than rages at Cain for eating Bellus, asking him why he would do such a thing!? Cain has limited time, and patience to explain his reasoning, as the front door to the boat-house comes open! The sound of three figures coming in, a child, a woman, and a man can be heard upstairs! Chatting about something irrelevant to the situation unfolding downstairs! Benedicte goes to check it out, and finds a much paler, and physically fit looking Rhys to be consoling a young Gulaan woman. Benedicte eyes the woman, emaciated stomach still growling for food. The child toddles off towards the window, and exclaims how pretty the sea looks! He wonders if they can go swimming later on! Rhys just giggles at the Gulaan woman's animalistic chattering, and replies in English for the child, "Remember what happened last time you tried swimming, my little duck?" The child stares back at Rhys, and puffs his cheeks in annoyance, "The water was too hot last time, mommy!" Rhys giggles at this, and scoops up his little child. Benedicte remains eyeing the Gulaan woman, stomach still growling for food!  The Gulaan woman is startled by Benedicte, and stands in an animalistic attacking position!  Ready to pounce Benedicte at any moment!  Rhys doubles around, and takes notice of Benedicte, staring, before he sends Lafayette downstairs to find Nicole.  Rhys is unable to greet Benedicte, as he has no known connection with him in this form.  Benedicte giggles playfully, and scoops up a box of chocolate covered fruits.  Popping the box open, and plucking one out!  Before crouching down, and offering one to the terrified Gulaan woman.  Cooing to her gently in French, "Open up wide, and say, 'Ahh'!~"  The Gulaan woman's fears are quelled by the smell of white chocolate.  Steadily, like a child, she crawls herself over, and opens her mouth for the first time, "Nom noms?~"  She points to the chocolate, as he nods, smiling gleefully all the while.  Repeating for her to open up.  She blinks, frowns, and pouts, "Nom noms good?~"  Benedicte smiles, nods, and inches his way over.  Slipping an old, wine-stained, and rusted pocket knife from his waist-coat pocket!  "Yes, yes!~  Very good, darling!"  The Gulaan woman smiles unrealistically wide, and giggles!  Pointing at the pocket knife, salivating at the anticipation of getting food!  She latches her lips around the piece of chocolate, and begins suckling it to a sweet, sticky goop!  She reaches out for the box, intending to get herself another piece of candy!

Rhys takes notice of the pocket knife!  Moving in to stop what Marina was about to do!  Rhys encourages her, in animalistic chattering, to get away from the man!  Before he--  SHNK -- Benedicte slices right into the woman's neck!  Before gleefully stuffing her mouth with handfuls of chocolates!  Forcing her to swallow them whole, so he can observe the inner-workings of Gulaan organs up close, and personal!  All the while being, somewhat, mindful of the fact the Gulaan was some form of woman!  After she chokes down the chocolates, whimpering, and crying about the bad taste--  Benedicte slices her open, removing her organs, and deciding which ones he wanted to chow down on first!  After all!  He was STARVING for nearly 200 years!!  He wanted--  NO!  He NEEDED food NOW!!

Rhys' memories come back to him!  As he shrieks, and tackles Banadicte clear across the room!  Beating him around with strange familiars!  Before pinning him down, and covering his mouth to speak to the Vampire without interruption!  He exclaims they were doctors once, and they have broken their vows!  They swore to do no harm to those in need of medical care!  And he swore by that oath at the bottom of his heart --  Until now!

Meanwhile, downstairs, Cain is coddling Lafayette, and telling him stories.  While Bellus pulls Nicole into the washtub to coddle her, and console her.  Saying she is like an actress on the stage of life!  She has a chosen role, and she must perform at her best, or be jeered at by the audience!  Bellum laughs at this, and outright tells her, that she has YET to experience what her role has to offer!  Bellus scolds Bellum for his bluntness, as he continues to pet, and hug the trembling Nicole in his arms!  Nicole is both freezing, and terrified of the sexual noises coming from upstairs!  Nicole yelps that Goldie is back home, and that someone else is with her!  A woman is heard shrieking, and barking orders upstairs!  While a tall, ginger man dressed in magician's clothing RUSHES downstairs, with only one word on his lips:  
Mon trésor!  Bellus' grip on Nicole tightens!  He chuckles, and summons his Water Demon familiar, Wasabi, to protect Nicole!  While he looks over at Lafayette, and kneels down in front of him, sitting on the bed with Cain!  "What role do you want her to play?~"  All Lafayette can manage to say is, "W--Well, I'll be goddamned if she doesn't play the hero!"  Bellus chuckles, and fluffs the child's hair, "Good choice!~"
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