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I know I informally discontinued CreepyCrawler.  However, there are various reasons for it.
1.)  The original plotline was too similar to the Slender Man Stabbings.  Only it was Monsters attacking Humans to survive.
2.)  I kept getting confused comments from readers, and fans, "Where is the first few pages?  The art is good tho!~"
3.)  I don't have the files of my original sketches, and pages anymore.  They were on my old laptop; which I don't have now.
4.)  It was turning into a clusterfuck.  An idea of the week, that kind of thing.  Also at times, even the plot confused ME!~  
5.)  I thought I would get complaints, "Nicole is a Self-Insert Mary-Sue!"  So, I kept changing things.  Bad comic artist, BAD!

So, here is what I am going to do!  I am going to make it a new title!  The new title may be GodAwful!  ..See what I did there!  Huehue!~
I'll work on a script, revise it, and revise it again.  Make sure I actually /like/ the dialog.  Then I'll sketch it out.  Hopefully it works out.

Things I'll be keeping from my original plot of CreepyCrawler:
*  The Fall of Euquestiria.  With the Rainbow Factory as a workplace for the Creepypastians, where they filter Nightmare Fuel.
*  The Slender Men are like a High-Council, and make the laws, rules, and all that stuff for the Creepypastians to survive as a race.
*  The Proxies are like patrol officers that can transcend the Monster, and Human Realms.  Making sure the rules are followed.
*  The Killers are like a kind of military for the Creepypastians.  They work under Zalgo's command.  Trying to defeat The Puppetmaster.
*  Zalgo is an omnipotent,  God-like figure to the Creepypastians.  Not a bad guy, or a good guy.  They are all created by him from the fear of Humans.
*  The Doctor is a form of Judgement.  The Creepypastians fear him, and his dying TARDIS.  The light he casts can kill them instantly.
*  Golden L. Price is the Mother of Ninety-Nine Monsters.  The Creepypastians desperately try to find baby number one hundred before it is killed, too.
*  If one-hundred newborn monsters are culled, that unleashes The Puppetmaster upon the world.  Monster, and humans will suffer his wrath.
*  Nicole is drug into the middle of this.  Because, she wanted to protect her friends; Toby, and Natalie from becoming Proxies, and Killers.  [This of course, doesn't work.]  The Creepypastians put her under the Death Penalty due to her 'human ways'.   She is thrown before The Doctor, and his 'death rays'.  When she isn't killed by the light, The Doctor entrusts her with a mission.  She must travel with the Proxies, and find six magical items to prevent The Puppetmaster from returning.
*  These six items end up being the Elements of Harmony.  Which were scattered between realms.  [This is my excuse to tie in magical girl elements.  Drawing guys in frilly clothes.  Lol.]

Elements of Harmony:
Magic:  Nicole Chandler. / Dimstar
Honesty:  Masky, and Hoodie. / Rottenbunch 
Loyalty:  Worm Jeff ( furbearingbrick ), and his army of Grunts. / Dullsloth
Laughter:  Laughing Jack ( SnuffBomb ), and Despairing Jack. / Zalgycake
Kindness:  Lulu ( Chibi-Works ), and Lucifer ( JadeBlackRose ). / Spiderlock
Generosity:  The Doctor. / Stone

Elements, and Seasons:
Princess Celestia - Sunlight, Spring:  Ticci-Toby / Pestilence
Princess Luna - Moonlight, Winter:  Clockwork / Death
Princess Twilight Sparkle - Twilight, Summer:  Benedicte Sylvio ( princesshikarimono ) / War
Discord - Chaos, Autumn:  Jake ( zutarianxtaang ) / Famine 

When they transform, it won't be sparkles, and rainbows.  It will be painful as all hell, due to their environment. [And it being a Creepypasta Comic.]
Rather than showing the Ponies as they were when they were alive.  The Equinox Ponies will be displayed as a kind of 'cute animal friend' for the magical monsters.  XD;  I've always loved the Equinox Pony ideas.  And the Apocolypse Pony idea from Robot Chicken.  The Apocolypse Ponies will represent the four main sources of power in Euquestria.  

- I only liked the more darker side to the MLP stuff, anyways.  Tho, the show /is/ cute.  It's not in my demographic.-

Anyways, it /will/ be a thing!  ouo  Cause I need practice for drawing other planned comics.  :3

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